A South Korean publication has revealed the specs for the up coming flagship phone from LG, the LG G7. The publication mentioned that the company will start mass production of the G7 in March and will make the phone available to the Korean market in April. Other sources have also surfaced and reported that the phone will be available in South Korea after April 20.

The LG G7 will likely show the phone during Mobile World Congress in February which is the same time Samsung will unveil their new S9 lineup, but LG Chief of Mobile Division said that they are not worried about the close launch dates between the phones. The phone will come equipped with the latest Snapdragon 845 chip, 6GB of RAM and IP68 certified which puts it in a good position to go up against Samsung’s S9 phones. Other reports indicate that it will come with an FM radio, dual rear and front cameras, iris scanners and support for Quick Charge 4.

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LG G7 concept render

LG is releasing the G7 late, due to Samsung buying up all the Snapdragon 845 chips which was reported recently. They also did the same with the Snapdragon 835 chips which forced other companies to delay their phone launches or resort to using the 821 chips for the flagship phones. There is still no reports if the phone will come to other regions, we will get more information during their MWC 2018 conference.