The interesting thing about CES is that you get to find some weird yet interesting tech on the show floor, and networking giant is showing off two new wireless routers that sports the crazy fast 802.11ax standard. For starters, the dual-band AX6000 Ultra wireless router can clock reach up to 6000Mbps of transfer rate and the tri-band AX11000 Ultra can hit a maximum 11,000Mbps, both of which are theoretical speeds and as of now, no devices will be able to support that kind of speed, let’s not even think about whether our hard drives could handle that. D-Link states that these two routers will be available 2nd half of 2018, though the 802.11ax standard will only be approved starting next year, we’ll keep our fingers crossed by then.

CES 2018: D-Link's new 802.11ax router features insane wireless speeds 1Fortunately, D-Link isn’t just showing off these two crazy routers on the show floor, as the company has launched dual-band and tri-band wireless packs for its Covr mesh wireless system, and a AC2600 dual-band 802.11ac router that is protected by Intel’s McAfee security software, which aims to protect IoT devices and offers better parental controls in the network environment. No pricing has been announced yet for the AC2600, but we would assume this to be a rather practical networking product to invest if you are particular about network security.

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