Intel and AMD have finally shown us the first product from their partnership which was announced last year. Both the silicon giants have come together to show off a new mobile CPU coupled with an integrated GPU which will be equipped in future laptop and small computer products in the future.

This chip will be under a new category called the G-Series which merges the gap between Intel’s U and H-Series of chips made for the mobile market. The new series comes with an H-Series processor which is made for high-end gaming laptops, alongside an AMD Radeon RX Vega chipset. There will be i5 and i7 models for the chips and comes with 65 watts and 100 watts variant which the latter is unlocked and overclockable.

Intel and AMD's new chip is going to be great for gamers 1Laptops equipped with this chip can be just 1.7cm thick on the inside without the need of special cooling or Nvidia’s Max-Q design architecture. These new chips were designed to make gaming laptops thinner, quieter and cooler without compromising speeds, but the battery life will not be a big improvement. Intel also claimed that the G-Series chips outperform the 8th Generation U-Series processors paired with a Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU by about 1.4 times when it comes to gaming. It is also capable of powering up a whopping 9 displays at once and comes with 4 cores, 8 threads clocked at 4.1GHz while the GPU has 20 compute units with a base clock of 932MHz and boost clock of 1011MHz.

Intel and AMD's new chip is going to be great for gamers 2AMD won’t be handling driver support as Intel intends to take over all driver related releases. They did mention that they will have Day Zero support for games like what Nvidia and AMD are doing, releasing a new driver before or on the launch date of the game.

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