Last year, Samsung celebrated the acquisition of Harman by bundling a pair of AKG earphones with the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. This year, the company is taking this to the next level – by putting AKG speakers on its smart refrigerator, so that you can listen or sing to your favorite tunes without the need to invest a speaker for your kitchen. Apart from that, Samsung is also introducing the new Family Hub to its smart fridge, which offers control for other Samsung SmartThings compatible devices such as light bulbs, thermostats from the fridge itself, there’s also support for Bixby Voice, which can theoretically recognize voice of individuals and shows different results when a command is given.

So why the need for an AKG speaker at the front? Well, apart from hearing Miss Bixby from speaking clearly, you will be able to stream music from Pandora, which is one of the built-in app, and also stream music from your smartphone, you will also be able to have videos playing on the fridge’s display as well. Samsung is also adding two new software to the fridge – a Meal Planner and Deals app, for dietary management and checking bargains on groceries respectively.

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Don’t expect this fridge to come cheap, and it probably won’t make its way to major electronic shops here, but if you are seriously considering getting one, then you won’t have to wait for long as it is launching this Spring.


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