Acer has just unveiled a mammoth of a screen that they are introducing to PC gaming. The 65-inch Predator Big Format Gaming Display is made to play content in 4K with HDR.

The display, come with Nvidia G-Sync enabled and Nvidia Shield built in so you can stream all your favourite movies and series without an external device. It comes with gaming specifications that users have requested for the Predator line of gaming devices. Alongside the G-Sync technology is a 4K display with a refresh rate of 120Hz to offer you a buttery smooth gaming experience on any game. The display delivers 1,000 nits peak luminance and local dimming provides higher contrast, deeper blacks and brighter whites. Acer will provide a remote and game controller to take full advantage of all the games and features that Nvidia Shield provides.

CES 2018: Acer unveils a 65-inch gaming display with 4K HDR support 2Acer has yet to announce the launch date or a price for the monitor. We are also unsure if it will make its way to our shores but if it does, its going to be one glorious screen too game on!

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