Tired of using Uber and Grab to get around? Well if you are someone who prefers driving on their own but finds it a hassle to own or use the car you have, SOCAR has the answer for you. This Korean company has just made its way to Malaysia and they are offering very attractive deals for getting a rental car.

The service comes with an App which you can download for Android or iOS for free and it allows you to rent a car for as low as RM8 per-hour. The company was even kind enough to include 30KM of petrol per hour with the initial booking of the car, you will be charged RM0.25 per-KM after the 30KM is used up. They are also offering flexible timing where you can drive the car from 30 minutes to whatever duration you need the car. The best part of this service, designated parking where you will always have a place to park the car before reaching your destination or carry on by foot from there on.

SOCAR has arrived in Malaysia, offers easy car rental for everyone 1If you are interested in trying out this service you can download the app from the Play Store or the App Store.

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