It was speculated that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will come with a new DeX Pad which is a different version of the DeX Station where you will place the phone flat on the surface and use it as a touchpad.

Customers will be able to purchase the accessory separately and it would seem that this speculation is accurate as Samsung has trademarked the DeX Pad name in Europe to make it in time for MWC end of next month. The DeX Pad will not only turn your phone into a touchpad but it will also feature wireless charging. There is still no indication if wires are required for communication with a monitor or if this device can be used with the S8.

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When it comes to pricing, there is a big chance that this device will not be cheaper than the previous DeX Station and is expected to cost around $150 (RM603.90) at launch. We will know more about the DeX Pad during MWC 2018 when Samsung has they press conference.


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