LG will be announcing their new lineup of OLED TVs during CES 2018, which includes an 88-inch 8K screen. In addition to that, they have also mentioned that all their TVs for 2018 will come with Google Assistant.

Prior to this, LG added their own voice assistant which can perform only TV-specific actions like searching for the current movie’s soundtrack or turning off the TV when the movie is done. Now, they will be using Google Assistant which will come with all of LG’s OLED and Super UHD displays that come with the ThinQ branding. However, only users in certain countries which LG has not mentioned will have access to Assistant. The company also added that it’s ThinQ AI TVs will act as a smart home hub as well and will likely use webOS as the main interface.

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Lastly, LG will be introducing a new image processor on their upcoming TVs which they claim will improve noise reduction, better colour and offer support for 120FPS hight frame rate content.


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