Android Auto is a feature in head units of cars which basically turns the head unit into an extension of your phone. Initially, you would need to connect your phone via wire to the unit in order to activate Android Auto. However, in 2018 Android Auto will be going wireless eliminating the need for wires.

JVC Kenwood will be introducing wireless Android Auto units in CES 2018, there will be two units introduced, one will come with the JVC branding and the other will be Kenwood, both will come with an HD display. Google introduced the idea of a wireless Android Auto back in May 2017, with the support of Google Assistant and the ability to use Android Auto on your phone and the head unit as well.

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JVC Kenwood is producing head units that support wireless Android Auto 1The head units from JVC Kenwood will also support CarPlay but there no indication that it will support wireless connectivity for CarPlay but there are a few head units that support wireless connectivity for the feature. There will be other car-related techs during CES 2018 as more and more companies that making their vehicles smarter every day.


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