As most of you know, Apple and Qualcomm are in a legal battle with each other mainly on the modems used in iPhones, and to solve this problem, Apple is said to be using MediaTek modems for their 2018 phones based on a report from DigiTimes. In the report, it is mentioned that MediaTek has all the resources and pricing advantage to supply Apple with the modems and will join Intel in doing so.

DigiTimes also explains that the partnership between the modem maker and Apple will extend further than just modems, they will also be in the supply chain for smart speakers and wireless charging devices. This information correlates to a report from The Wall Street Journal which also mentioned that Apple is moving away from Qualcomm and partnering with MediaTek to get its modems into 2018 iPhones.

At this point, all of this are still speculations as 9to5Mac did not manage to get an official comment from MediaTek when asked on this matter, but DigiTimes does have a good track record when it comes to supplier news. We will have to wait for an official statement from either MediaTek or Apple to know more.


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