Recently we reported that Webe is merging with Unify to form one telco and Internet service provider and recently they updated their website to inform everyone that 12 January they will close signups for both Webe Mobile and Webe Broadband plans.

As we mentioned before, they will still allow existing Webe customers to enjoy the attractive plans from both services, the update acts as a last call for those of you that want to enjoy their RM79 per-month plan which gives you free calls to all network and unlimited quota for data. For those of you that are porting into Webe and still have not received an update will still be able to reapply up until 26 January 2018.

After the 12th, Webe will have merged with Unifi and there is no way for you to signup for any Webe packages so if you want to enjoy paying RM79 for unlimited calls and data this is the last call before they introduce new plans under the Unifi telco brand.

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