The loot box controversy that came from EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II became so huge that government bodies in certain countries took it upon themselves to investigate if loot boxes should be considered as gambling and the China government has issued out a statement to game companies that they have to disclose the probability rates on obtaining the items in loot boxes.

Apple is the next company to take this loot box issue into their own hands by making it mandatory that all game developers will have to state the odds of receiving the rewards promised. This is also due to the fact that players want more clarity when purchasing this boxes as some games will have to be purchased at its full price but still has microtransactions in them which come as the mentioned loot boxes.

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In a way, loot boxes are what sustains the company after the initial sales of the game copies. but some companies take shady measures to include powerful items from these boxes that will enhance the game or make the player’s character more powerful than the rest, which is a big problem, especially in multiplayer games.