Google has announced new updates coming to the Google Assistant SDK which will allow developers to create their own third-party Assistant devices. This will allow for Google Assistant smart speakers to be released by developers other than Google, which will allow more people to access the capabilities of Google Home.

The first major change that is coming is support for third-party Actions which is similar to what Amazon¬†Skills. Developers can now create Actions for their own hardware or software, which is one of the biggest selling points for Alexa. Currently, Google’s Actions was not available to developers, with this we might see more advanced capabilities¬†on Google Assistant. Next, is the support for more languages with the new SDK, Assistant will support languages like English for Australia, Canada, UK and US, French for Canada and France, German and Japanese. Lastly, Google will allow more customizability¬†with settings, allowing users to set language, location and even personalized results, offering better support for location-based queries.

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The new version of Google Assistant SDK is currently available now, and for those of you that work closely with SDKs should check it out here. Perhaps we will see a Malaysian developed Google Assistant device in the near future?