Apple is merging their mobile and desktop platforms to make it easier for developers to build apps that will easily work with touch input on the iOS and mouse and trackpad on the MacOS which they plan to implement next year. This can merge the fine line between both the platforms and allow developers to create just one app that will work on both platforms.

Apple intends to release this feature with the fall updates on both the iOS and MacOS the same time we expect the new iPhone release. Bloomberg mentions that we could hear about this new feature as soon as summer during Appleā€™s annual World Wide Developers Conference where they usually show off their latest products and devices. This could mean that Apple might only provide one type of App Store for both platforms which is something similar to what Google has done for the Chromebooks and Play Store, where phone apps can be used on the Chromebooks as well.

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Apple will be merging iOS and MacOS apps in 2018 1This might still take a while as the processor architecture of both platforms are very different and this could be an issue when developing an app to cater both processors. On the other hand, there is the worry of if some features on the MacOS app will be removed to allow the app to work fine with the mobile processor on the iOS.

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