AOC has been a brand that produces decent monitors at attractive price points and the new G2590VWQ is no different. It is a 25-inch display that is targeted at consumers that are on the budget but comes with very decent features.

The TN panel with a 1ms response time and 1080p resolution will be well suited for most graphics card configuration but AOC is banking on AMD Radeon cards as this monitor supports FreeSync which helps to eliminate tearing when gaming and especially important with First Person Shooter games. It covers 35 – 75 Hz refresh rates so for those of you that have semi-powerful cards can utilize the extra frames when going over 60 frames per second. For a budget monitor, it does not look bad as it comes with a 3-side frameless design which is simple but at the same time attractive. There is a red line at the bottom of the screen which acts as the only bezel but it gives a sense of style to the monitor, as red seams to always associate with gaming.

The G2590VWQ as mentioned before is targeted to budget gamers but the price tag of $212 (RM864.01) might be a turn off for some but the specs seem to slightly justify the price point when you are getting a 1ms and 75Hz of refresh rate seems pretty appealing.

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