The ZTE Axon 7 might be well dated since its launch last year. The 2016 flagship by the Chinese corporation took the world by storm with its top notch specs and its affordable price tag. If you happen to be the faithful owner of an Axon 7, we have good news for you. Android Oreo will be rolling out to the handset in the near future.

The good news was announced in a post on ZTE’s European forum Z Union. The post indicates that ZTE is currently in the midst of Android Oreo software development for the Axon 7, and will try to get it “customer ready” as soon as they can. However there’s no telling how long their users will need to wait for the software update to roll out. Android Oreo will be more refined than Android Nougat, with newly introduced features such as notification channels, Picture-in-Picture mode, app specific launcher shortcuts and Bluetooth 5 support, among the many improvements in software.

We’re guessing that ZTE Axon 7 users should receive their share of Android Oreo within Q1 2018, otherwise it might be a little too late for an aging smartphone to receive the long awaited software update. In other news, there seems to be no successor for the Axon 7. Will there be an Axon 8?

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