The rumors of having fingerprint sensor embedded in displays have been a long time coming. It was first speculated that the full screen Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 will have in-display fingerprint sensor. Then came rumors shrouding around Apple’s newly designed iPhone X. None of those have come to past, but now we have solid news that Vivo, of all smartphone makers, will be the first to have an in-display fingerprint sensor on its smartphone.

According to Forbes, analyst Patrick Moorhead had the opportunity to test out a pre-production unit of a Vivo smartphone with the in-display fingerprint sensor. Vivo was said to be testing out the technology made by Qualcomm earlier this year in a prototype, but it was slower than expected. This time, the company has gone with human interface technology company Synaptics, and the results are more positive than ever. Moorhead claims the in-display fingerprint sensor to be twice as fast as Apple’s Face ID when tested. Unlocking the device is just as simple as picking up the phone, placing your finger onto the display where you see the illuminated fingerprint, and the rest is history.

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Smartphone makers like Samsung will still likely be sticking to rear fingerprint sensors in its upcoming Galaxy S9 lineup. An in-display fingerprint sensor will definitely make more sense than an awkwardly placed rear fingerprint sensor seen on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. Are you surprised that Vivo will be leading the pack this time?