We are halfway through December and its safe to say that companies are busy preparing to release their new flagship devices for 2018. Because of that, there is a high chance that we will be seeing the Huawei P11 during Mobiel World Congress in February 2018.

Huawei released the P10 during MWC 2017 so its safe to assume that the company will keep up with the trend of releasing the P-series phones during the event. To further solidify the assumption, Huawei representatives have been hinting that we will see the new P-series flagship during the first quarter of 2018. However, that is a bold move as Samsung might also unveil the Galaxy S9 during MWC 2018 based on leaked reports so this will be very interesting to see which company would have a more grand event for their respective launches.

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Huawei P11 Concept Creator

The Huawei P11 will be placing a focus on its camera and AI program merging the two elements which the company claims will take better shots, but Samsung, on the other hand, will be showing off the Snapdragon 845 equipped S9 and possibly an under screen fingerprint sensor.