Back when the “Ok Google” hot phrase was first implemented, it is safe to way that it wasn’t a refined feature at that time. Users often finding themselves having to speak loudly or raise their voice in order to trigger Google Now. Fast forward till today where Google has now transitioned to Assistant on smartphones, the company is finally implementing a not so awkward sounding hot phrase to open Google Assistant.

As the roll out has touched base on numerous smartphones, you might find it on your device as well. Google will prompt you to retrain your voice by saying “Hey Google” instead of “Ok Google”. The company has probably taken some cues from Apple’s “Hey Siri”, but we can all agree that “Hey Google” sounds less like commanding a robot than “Ok Google”.

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The “Hey Google” hot phrase was rumored to be tested on a handful of Android smartphones a couple of months ago. Although the roll out has yet to be in full force, we expect most modern smartphones to have received the prompt to retrain voice commands by this week. It might take a while for you to switch to “Hey Google” if you rely a lot on Assistant before this. But rest assured, the good ol’ “Ok Google” is still able to trigger Assistant.