Sony’s home party speakers are funky, huge boom boxes that meant business for what it is capable of, the company has launched probably the tallest speaker in the series, the MUTEKI, otherwise known as the MHC-V90DW, has made its debut with a 170cm height and sports 11 speakers, which comprises of four tweeters, two subwoofers and four mid-range speakers.

Like the rest of its home party speakers, the V90DW comes with party lights which reacts according to the music playback, you can also control the speaker’s lighting and special sound effects using the Fiestable app, which is available as a free download on Google Play and Apple App Store. Not only the V90DW is big on sound, but it also features a Spread Sound Generator that helps spread music playback further, which makes it rather useful for parties at large houses or a big hall, Sony has even went on to boast that it could easily fill a night club.

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The control panel has a few tricks of its own, apart from being able to control the features, it has a trackpad which you can perform gestures on music playback and DJ effects, there’s even a voice changer feature which you can mimic your voice as a woman or guy if you want to, a mic input is also available as a standard, and if you prefer, this could even be your home theater system as it can play DVD movies and comes with HDMI in and audio inputs. Should you want bigger sound, you can also pair the V90DW with other compatible Sony speakers with its Wireless Link technology. The V90DW also supports music playback via Bluetooth and has Google Chromecast audio built-in.

Sony Malaysia has already started selling the MHC-V90DW speakers nationwide for the price of RM2,999.