If you are reading this, you are probably the most tech literate person in the family, you get your family into the world of technology, such as using a WhatsApp group to communicate with each other, sending voice messages instead of making phone calls, until the extent that your parents might be creating their own Instagram stories or Facebook live videos. However, when it comes to paying your family’s phone bills, you are most likely in a dilemma on how you can save up on your family’s phone bills, while your current Postpaid plan might not offer a great amount of data for your share lines or is limited to several users. My family has been on the Digi Postpaid Family plan for the past two months, and here are a few reasons why I think you should give it a try.

Super-Sized Data, Unlimited Calls, Up to 4 Additional Family Lines

Why Digi Postpaid Family is the best postpaid plan for the family? 1I personally don’t really like the idea of only having additional data when I sign up for a family line, simply because it doesn’t make sense to pay more for that, the Digi Postpaid Family 250 plan for instance gives me 120GB of high speed 4G Plus data regardless the number of active family lines, I can have up to four additional family lines and have the data quota shared equally across, or limit the quota for a user conveniently using the MyDigi app. In a nutshell, I am getting 24GB of data per family member if I maximize the plan.

Furthermore, all my family members get unlimited calls to all networks on Digi’s 4G Plus network with VoLTE, if your phone supports the feature, imagine that crystal clear voice call you get to enjoy when communicating with your family.

No limits on Hotspot Tethering

Why Digi Postpaid Family is the best postpaid plan for the family? 2No one loves to have limits on tethering data to other devices, because Digi Postpaid Family lets every family member tether out of the maximum 120GB data quota at 4G Plus speeds, just imagine if you have other devices such as your laptop, tablet or a gaming device that requires Internet access, depending on public WiFi isn’t going to give you a great Internet experience on the go, with the huge quota on my Digi Postpaid family plan, I no longer have worries tethering to other devices, while I do keep a watch out on my family’s usage just in case they really finish the quota.

Roaming Data and Call Minutes that can be Shared

Why Digi Postpaid Family is the best postpaid plan for the family? 3Heading to Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand for a family trip soon? Digi Postpaid Family offers Roam Like Home, which offers FREE roaming of 5GB Internet and 60mins voice calls for your principle line. Your additional family line can enjoy it too with an additional of RM30/month for each line. Hence you and your family can immediately do a Facebook check-in or upload a selfie to Instagram upon arriving at any of the countries mentioned above, saving the need to connect to unreliable WiFi hotspots or fighting through the queue for a local tourist SIM, which is something I have experienced one time when I was on a trip to Taiwan on a late night, the traveller SIM kiosk was already closed and my family felt really uncomfortable to activate expensive roaming fees, this is going to eliminate that worry if I ever travel to the above countries, and all of us can even make calls with the 60 free minutes, which can be used to call back to Malaysia or during roaming.

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Affordable Extra Data Quota

Why Digi Postpaid Family is the best postpaid plan for the family? 4

Accidental data usage happens in a family plan, no matter how much quota you have, and Digi has that covered with affordable extra data that lasts throughout the billing period, you can subscribe for an extra 5GB or 10GB of data for your family at RM15 and RM25 respectively, divide that up with your family line, it is as affordable as a meal. Even though I haven’t had the opportunity to do that, and I wished I never need to, there will come a time where I don’t need to worry about paying expensive prices for data quota add-ons.

The Best Value Family Postpaid Plan

Why Digi Postpaid Family is the best postpaid plan for the family? 5Based on the chart above, U Mobile has the lowest fee per line and offers unlimited data with its P99 plan, however the problem with it is that it has limited tethering to 30GB and it isn’t totally unlimited when it comes to video streaming, as the telco’s Video-Onz only lets you stream videos at high speed in SD quality, while your speed is throttled when streaming videos at HD quality, not to forget to mention the telco’s limited and congested service coverage, which makes it not quite great for a family plan.

As for Celcom and Maxis, they have higher monthly commitments and offer additional data only when a new family line is added. Therefore, Digi Postpaid Family is the better plan as it offers great data quota, no limits on hotspot tethering, roaming data that can be shared with other family lines, for as low as RM50 monthly per user. Furthermore, there’s no need to head over to a physical Digi store to sign up for this, it is easy to sign up and port in to Digi Postpaid Family over your computer by logging on to Digi’s website, which you can check it out over at www.digi.my/family-plans

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