Augmented Reality is taking the world by storm, from fun apps on the iPhone to Google’s Tango, almost everyone can now access the different types of AR apps and software out there. So it would make sense that Facebook wants to jump onboard the AR bandwagon with the release of World Effects to Facebook Messenger.

The new feature will allow you to place 3D objects in your photos, making them appear like it is part of the real world. You can do things like place a heart over someone’s head or a floating arrow to point out something specific in a shot. The company has also announced that they are allowing the public to use its augmented reality Camera Effects Platform and AR Studio kit which will allow developers to create their own AR filters.

Facebook Messenger brings AR filters to the app 1Apple and Google have already released their versions of AR kits to developers earlier this year, it might seem like Facebook is late to the party, but the difference here is that their kit will allow for both development on the iOS and Android without limitations.


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