This new and upcoming smartphone by Chinese manufacturer Oukitel is rather unique. The only modern flagship trait that it has is probably its display. The company has just teased the Oukitel K10 handset, and it packs a monster battery.

Based on the video released by Oukitel, we can tell that the company wants to make the Oukitel K10 stand out from the competition. For starters, it sports a real calf leather build for its rear panel, straying away from the conventional glass or aluminium chassis. On the front is an 18:9 display in Full HD+ resolution, measuring at 6-inches. It does however still have a rather large chin below the display, so we know that Oukitel isn’t going for that bezel-less look and design.

Underneath the hood, the Oukitel K10 is powered by a MediaTek P23 processor, alongside 6GB of RAM. It carries 64GB of internal storage. The phone has a dual rear camera setup but Oukitel has yet to reveal its specs. The same applies for the front facing camera as well. The main selling point of this phone is definitely its huge battery, sizing up to a whopping 11,000mAh! We can’t say for sure how many days of battery life will that translate to but we do expect at least 3 to 4 days.

The Oukitel K10 is set for a release early next year. Pricing and other details should be revealed in due time. What do you think of the Oukitel K10?

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