It is no surprise that bigger companies are often on the look out to acquire smaller companies which add value to their own brand. It has also somewhat turned into a culture practiced by the big players. Recently till now, we have been hearing of attempts by semiconductor Broadcom to acquire Qualcomm. Although the latter company has rejected the former’s initial offer, there’s still no giving up. Now we have a new scenario involving Apple and Shazam.

Most of us have probably heard of Shazam. It is probably the household music recognition app which is widely used by smartphone users worldwide alongside its competitor Soundhound. While Shazam has been integrated into iOS, Apple appears to be keen on buying the company over for a reported $300-$400 million. Sources also claim that both Apple and Shazam have come very close to sealing a deal, with an announcement due later today.

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Speaking of music recognition and audio, Apple’s HomePod release has been delayed, so chances are that Apple wants to implement music recognition into the smart speaker, which will likely utilize the technology of Shazam as well. There is also a high chance that the Shazam will be taken off the Google Play Store if Apple decides to pull the plug after the acquisition. What do you think?


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