It is rare to see companies allowing users to try out the products before buying them, but Microsoft is trying to start a trend of trying products before buying them like what they are doing with the Surface Pro.

From 7th December to 24th December 2017, anyone that makes a purchase of the Surface Pro from any of the participating retailers will be given the opportunity to try the product for 90 days. If they find that the product is not satisfactory, they can easily complete an online claim form here within 31 to 90 days from the purchase date. Once the refund is approved, users will just have to send the Surface Pro back to the address indicated on the email within 15 days and users will receive their full refund into a bank account of their choice.

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Microsoft is allowing users to try the Surface Pro, offers full refund if not satisfied 1The Surface Pro is by far the best tablet that Microsoft has created, with its elegance in design and compliments from the Alcantara fabric, it makes for a very fancy device. However, with ultrabooks and powerful laptops that dominate the market, it seems like Microsoft wants to pull users attention to the Surface Pro as it can definitely replace your ultrabook or high powered laptops if need be.

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