Maxis is joining the month of giving by offering 10GB extra data quota on top of their existing MaxisONE Plans for all new and existing members to enjoy. What makes this even more attractive is that they are removing the weekday and weekend internet split so you can enjoy the full quota of your data at any time.

Prior to this, the telco offers four plans, split into the MaxisONE Plan 98, 128, 158, and 188 which offered 20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 50GB of data respectively, which was split into half for the weekday and the other half for the weekend. Now, they have merged the quota into one except for the MaxisONE Plan 98 which will still maintain its split of 15GB all day and 15GB weekend data. Users can make an extra payment of RM10 a month on top of the RM98 you pay for the plan to merge the weekday and weekend data and enjoy 30GB of data any day.

The plans will be in effect starting 7 December 2017 onwards and for those of you on the MaxisONE Plan 98 can walk into any Maxis Center or call 123 to merge your weekend and weekday data plan.


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