HDR video content is still in its infancy, meaning that we don’t come across a lot of videos which can be played in HDR mode. This is of course due to the limited amount of devices that support HDR videos, including video platforms and apps as well. Platforms such as YouTube and Netflix have begun adding support for HDR video content, and Chrome for Android will follow suit as well in the future.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode in videos bring up a better contrast, wider color gamut and better dynamic range to enhance the viewing experience. According to XDA Developers, Chrome for Android will soon be able to extract HDR metadata from the video container and to be passed to the MediaCodec class. The HDR video can then be supported on Chrome, which of course also requires a device that supports HDR video.

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HDR video content is still scarce across video platforms, but with the future support for it on Chrome for Android, and the hope for more support on Android devices for HDR video, we might see a new world of delicious HDR content to be consumed.

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