Sony has just announced there will be two PlayStation 4 multiple Blu-Ray Disk packs available on 30 November 2017, containing previously released best selling games for gamers to purchase at a very reasonable price.

The first pack will contain the challenging Bloodbourne The Old Hunters edition which offers the base game and previously released DLC all in one disk. Coming from the developers of The Dark Souls series, players will traverse an old English town where they will encounter mobs of enemies, mini bosses and a stage boss.

The other game in this pack is The Last Of Us Remastered game, where you play as Joel as he travels across wasteland America along side Ellie who might have the cure to the virus that is turning everyone into zombies. Naughty Dog’s masterpiece game that should be played by stealth and action game lovers as the story is gripping and the combat is solid, definitely a game all PS4 owners should have. This pack will retail for RM199.

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The next pack comes with Patapon Remastered a charming musical games where all the actions you perform has to be synced to the music that the game is playing. With upgradable unique characters, you will probably be spending more time collecting new characters well after you finish the main story line.

The other game is LocoRoco, yet another charming game where you play as a blob like creatures and have to get your self from one end of the map to the other by rotating the world in order to slide and roll the blob to the other end of the map. But beware of the traps and creatures that are in the way. This pack will come with a really affordable price of RM129.

If you are interested in getting your self any of these packs, you can contact your local video game shops around Malaysia and start purchasing them from 30 November onward.