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With the recent political issues going on in Facebook, the social media site will be rolling out a new security method when they detect suspicious activities on your account. The platform will now ask you to upload a photo of your self in order to verify your account and unlock it.

Facebook has also mentioned in the prompt that will appear asking for your photo, that they will delete your photo from their servers once they checked it. Wired reached out for a comment on this new feature and Facebook explained that it is meant to catch people that are attempting to infiltrate another user’s account at various points of interaction like creating accounts, sending a friend request and making ads. Apparently, users have been seeing this prompt as early as April 2017 which indicates that they have been actually using this system for quite a while now, although it has only gotten attention now.

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This is not the only security feature that is related to photo security as the company is also testing out a new feature that will prevent users from being a victim of revenge porn attacks by allowing users to privately upload nude photos to Facebook.


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