Every once in a while, game developers release games that are ideas from outside the box, a charming and beautiful experience that opens up our perception of Indie games. One such game is Ode, coming from the developers of Grow Up and Grow Home, it is musical exploration game that takes you into a beautiful world of colour and music.

You will explore the game’s four garden enviroments collectiong starts which will cahnge the sound and visuals that you see in the game. Seems simple enough and that is exactly what the developers wanted, Ode is a exprience more than it is a game somewhere in the likes of Journey and Abzu. It never got much advertisement or marketing but that seems to be the case in Ubisoft’s indie line up which is a shame cause this game looks beautiful.

If you are interested in picking up this gaming experience, you can head over to Ubisoft’s online store and get it for a mear $5 (RM20.52), and just to make it better, there are no loot boxes in this game.


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