Google has been granted a patent that could possibly add some ease when handling a laptop. The patent comes in a form of a motorized hinge that would automatically open the laptop with just a single touch, something that could be implemented first in Google’s Chromebooks or Pixelbooks.

The tech behind it is actually pretty simple, there is a touch-sensitive section on the laptop’s lid and tapping on it will activate ambient light sensors and other cameras and lift the lid up. From there, different sensors will identify and track the user’s face to lift the hinge up to the best viewing angle based on the user. However, there is not enough information other than the basics mechanics, what if a user moves their head when the lid is open or when they move the laptop around. In addition to that, there is no solid confirmation from Google if this patent will actually be used for any future devices.

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Patents are a tricky thing and most of them, although approved, might not actually see the light of day, whether this will be incorporated into the Pixelbook 2 is still unsure but that would be the best device to show this new feature when it comes out.


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