Machines Sdn Bhd has officially launched a device protection plan called Machines Protection Plan, which gives owners protection from accidental damage such as cracked screens and water damage for as low as 42 cents per day.

The reason for this is due to a survey that Otterbox did in 2015 which shows that 29% of Malaysians accidentally damage their phones within the first three months of purchasing the phone. A follow-up study was also conducted that shows 75% of Malaysian smartphone users have damaged their devices almost 3 times in the past 5 years. Machines have appointed Aon Insurance Brokers as its insurance broker who will offer this device protection plan. In general, Machines is trying to offer a peace of mind to users and give them reassurance that their devices are always protected by the plan.

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The Machines Protection Plan will offer customers one screen replacement or one full device replacement during the two year coverage period. It will cost RM299 to RM899 depending on the device model and the plan can be obtained at Machines Stores when purchasing a new device.