Snapchat has a lot of innovations when it comes to features that attract users to take more Snaps, and other companies have implemented some of those features into their own apps. Which is what Facebook is doing by taking the streak feature from Snapchat and implementing it into Facebook Messenger.

This news came when Messenger users posted on Twitter about seeing Streak like features when using the service. It would seem like it is still in the testing stages and is only available to some users. A lightning bolt emoji will appear next to the person you are chatting with when you stay in contact for two days in a row. Then the format is the same as Snapchat, keep in contact with the person or lose the streak. It will even warn you when a streak is about to end with someone you are chatting in hopes that you will get on and keep the streak.

It won’t be a surprise if we start seeing this feature in all of the apps Facebook owns, like Instagram and Whatsapp. It is a good way for the company to keep users hooked on their apps but some users have found it stressful as they are pressured into keeping the streak. But if you are like me, ignorance is bliss.