Google has been slow to bring updates to its Android Wear users. The release of Android Wear 2.0 has been pushed back for several months before finally being rolled out to Android Wear smartwatches. While it is currently still being seen as less practical compared to the likes of Samsung’s Gear S series of wearables and Apple Watches, the Android Wear app has been updated to bring a couple of cool new features that should have been introduced a long time back.

The latest Android Wear app, version 2.6 has rolled out to the Google Play Store. Among the features that come with the update include being able to jump into your recently used app right away on your smartwatch. There is also a download indicator that shows users how much time is remaining before a download is finished.

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With the new update, Android Wear will now smartly adjust text sizes depending on the number of characters on the screen, while the quick settings menu now shows Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and/or mobile data connections. In order to enjoy these features on your smartwatch, do ensure that your Android Wear app is being updated to the latest version.


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