Whenever there is a new season in other parts of the world, Steam takes advantage of that to put a good number of games in their catalogue on discount and with the localized pricing that Steam has implemented for Malaysians, we are able to find games that are dirt cheap to the point where dinner at a Mamak is more expensive than a game.


This sale is the Autumn sale which is not the biggest sale that they have had but it does offer up some very interesting deals that you should take a look at. For one, Shadow of War is currently at a 40% discount and the game is currently priced at RM63 which is a steal for a game that just recently came out. Although there is the issue with the lootboxes in the game, the single-player story is still worth the play and it is a very polished game.

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If horror is more your thing, then you should know that Evil Within 2 is currently at a 50% discount, a game that came very recently and has received very good feedback from gamers. It has a Very Positive rating on Steam and the story has received the improvement it needs from the previous game.

The sale will be going on from now until 29 November to which the Chrismas sale will be coming around. Below are other games that are on discount that you might want to consider getting.

DiRT Collection – RM56.70
Dark Souls III – RM68
Resident Evil 7 – RM69.50
Rainbow Six Siege – RM74.50