The race to Android Oreo has already begun for smartphone companies, to tackle Android fragmentation and also to roll out Android Oreo software to their phones before other brands. Android Oreo is without a doubt still scarce, but many manufacturers have promised new software for their devices. Earlier this week, Android Oreo software updates were rolled out to users of the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T as a surprise. Now Xiaomi has taken action, launching a closed beta program for the Mi 6’s Android Oreo software.

Xiaomi’s software focus has been on its own MIUI 9 since its launch in early November. While the Chinese smartphone maker are known for being slow to Android updates, it plans to change things around this time, beginning with its flagship the Mi 6. A group of selected beta testers will be able to test out Xiaomi’s Oreo software before the world does. Xiaomi will release the open beta version of the software thereafter.

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Earlier this year saw the release of Android Nougat beta in January, so we can safely assume that it would be the case for Android Oreo this time round. The stable release should be rolled out sometime during the end of Q1 2018.