We all have a couple of go to brands for types of products, over even any aspect of our lives. Brand loyalty matters a lot, but brand advocacy definitely benefits a brand in a deeper level. According to the latest statistics by analytics group YouGov, online store Lazada ranks on top in terms of brand advocacy.

The rankings were measured according “Recommend Scores” from customers of each brand. The scores were measured with questions “Would you recommend the brand to a friend or family member, or would you recommend that a friend or family member avoid the brand?” The final scores are then calculated by subtracting the negative responses from the positive ones.

Lazada boasts strongest fan base over other brands in Malaysia 1

Lazada is arguably one of the most popular e-commerce brands in Malaysia, if not the most popular, with a score of 76.6. The results by YouGov also shows the popularity of internet brands. WhatsApp and Facebook come in at 2nd and 8th places respectively. The two most advocated automotive brands are Toyota and Honda at 3rd and 5th places respectively. The Apple iPhone in particular makes it to the list, instead of Apple in general, coming in at fourth place. Chinese smartphone brand Huawei sits in 7th place, being the largest improver from 2016.

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Ervin Ha, Head of Data of YouGov Brand Index stated that brand advocacy is the strongest ever vote of confidence possible to give to a brand. Brand advocacy entails recommendation from friends or family, which goes beyond consumers’ favor over brands. Did any of your favorite brands make the list?

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