Rumor has it that the Galaxy S9 won’t be as revolutionary as we think it will be. That is somewhat true based on this latest series of renders as pictured above. The Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung has proven to be hot sellers in the Android market. Although they do come with some controversial design aspects, it looks like they will be addressed in the Galaxy S9.

Sourced from BGR, these renders show the alleged Galaxy S9 in a rugged case by Ghostek. We can’t fully support the credibility of the image so do take this with a grain of salt. No significant changes have been made with the display on the front, which looks similarly designed with minimal bezels and curved edges. The top bezel has been trimmed even further for more screen real estate, which translates to an even more impressive screen to body ratio for the Galaxy S9.

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The rear panel is where we see some changes made. The Galaxy S9 in the image sports a dual camera setup, which is vertically orientated unlike the Galaxy Note 8’s setup. The fingerprint sensor has also moved to what seems like a more ergonomically comfortable position. The current Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor is placed right beside the camera which can confuse users, so this is a much welcomed change. The rear fingerprint sensor also means that there won’t be an embedded screen fingerprint scanner once again.

Do bear in mind that we are still in the early stages of these leaks and speculations. More will come in due time. What do you think of the Galaxy S9 in this image?