The iPhone X is arriving in Malaysia on 24 November 2017 and already there are reports on one of the new features the 2019 iPhone might carry and it sounds pretty impressive. It will come with a new 3D Sensor on the rear of the phone that is said to improve augmented reality apps and services.

The new system will work by using lasers coming from the device to measure the time it takes for the reflection to get back to the device so it can establish a depth map. Dual-cameras can already achieve this method which is what Apple is currently using for the AR and FaceID, but this new method will make it a lot more precise. Bloomberg mentioned that Apple is currently in talks with suppliers for the new system but there is no confirmation that the technology will make it into the 2019 iPhone.

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With the availability of Apple’s ARKit, it has shown that it is capable of producing great AR content and with the combination of the new sensors that Apple is planning to put into the new phone, it looks like AR content is getting the spotlight as more companies are adopting and refining it.


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