Bezeless displays are starting to become a norm and sooner or later everyone is going to have a full body screen phone. This might cause some complications as it changes the way we produce content for these phones. YouTube has taken a step forward and is allowing users to pinch to zoom videos so they look nice on a screen bigger than 16:9 aspect ratio.

YouTube videos will now fill up the screen to eliminate the black borders seen on widescreen videos, making it look much better on 18:9 screens. This method might crop some videos that are not shot properly,  but most of you that are using these phones will appreciate that you can use the entirety of the screen to watch your favourite videos.

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The latest update, version 12.44 has already enabled this feature and is confirmed to work with phones like the Galaxy S8 and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, but this feature should work with phones having aspect ratios higher than 16:9. You can check the version of your YouTube app in the Play Store and if you don’t have the update, it should roll out in the next few days.