The launch of the new Myvi marks a new milestone for Perodua, as the company has finally unveiled the third generation of its best selling hatchback automobile, and though there has been many leaks online before the launch, let us now take a look at the car in real life as it was photographed by us today at the launch.

This is the 1.5 Advance variant of the Myvi, all variants will come with white LED headlamps as a standard, Perodua says that this is their best-selling color.

Here’s the steering wheel, leather wrapped for the 1.5 Advance and comes with audio controls and a phone answer button.

The all new cluster meter that lights up in white and blue LED when the car starts, the digital info display is a rather huge one as well.

Open the compartment right below the steering reveals a built-in SmartTAG reader, insert your Touch N Go card and you are set, no need to change batteries.

The toll reader sensor that deducts balance off your Touch N Go card.

The standard set of controls with two new stuffs, Advance Safety Assist (A.S.A) and headlamp leveling.

The same 7-inch entertainment system that comes with the Bezza, let’s hope Smart Link works well this time.

Digital air-condition controls, no more turning knobs.

The boot is larger than the previous generation, good for around four mid-size travelling luggage.

It comes with a full size 15-inch alloy rim spare tyre, now this is cool.

The rear combi LED light, pretty refreshing to see this on a local car.

Lastly, the red color model from the side, it is a decent sized compact car.

What do you think about the new Perodua Myvi, tell us about it in the comments. In case you missed it, read up our story on the Myvi.


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