As preorders of the iPhone X kicks off today, the phone will be officially launched on November 24th, due to the iPhone X’s expensive price we are going to assume most of you to head for a telco subsidized device if you seriously want to own one. As usual, we are going to check out the big four telco’s iPhone X plans and decide which one is the better deal. The iPhone X is available in 64GB and 256GB models and retails at RM5,149 and RM5,899 respectively, so here goes.


For a limited time throughout the pre-order period, Celcom is offering an extra RM100 off the iPhone X’s subsidized price if you preorder the phone over its website. As for the iPhone X subsidized price, customers will be able to get RM2,001 off the iPhone X 64GB and RM2,161 off the iPhone X 256GB if you sign up with the FIRST Platinum Plus plan, which costs RM188/month with a 24 months contract, and you get 100GB of monthly internet with free 30GB Video Walla.

If you don’t require that much of data, Celcom also offers the iPhone X for the FIRST Gold Plus plan, which costs RM98/month, and you still get to own the iPhone X 64GB model for RM3,718 and the 256GB model for RM4,378, which is still a significant discount off the iPhone X’s original price. Furthermore, the plan also gives you 40GB Internet (20GB weekday+20GB weekend) , unlimited social apps and free 100GB Super VideoWalla for 12 months, so you are getting quite a great package here.

Link: Celcom iPhone X 64GB, iPhone X 256GB


If you are hoping Maxis to offer Zerolution for the iPhone X, you are out of luck. The iPhone X is available at a subsidized for MaxisONE 128 and above plans, which you will be able to get up to RM2,074 and RM2,164 of savings for the 64GB and 256GB model respectively. The subsidized price is slightly more than Celcom’s most expensive plan, however MaxisONE 188 offers only 50GB of monthly data, which is half of Celcom’s quota and doesn’t offer dedicated quota for music and video streaming, there’s also no unlimited data for social apps as well. However, 50GB is still a lot of data for many and if you don’t mind not having those extras, then Maxis’ iPhone X plan is the one to go for.

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Link: Maxis iPhone X


Digi offers the iPhone X in three postpaid plans for a subsidized price of RM3,495, so you will only need to understand which plans to go for based on your needs. Even though you don’t get a lot of rebates by signing up the iPhone X with Digi, the company’s postpaid plans are more affordable than the rest, Dig’s Postpaid 138 plan also offers free monthly Roam Like Home, which you get to call and surf in 8 countries without incurring additional roaming costs.

Link: Digi iPhone X

U Mobile

Like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, U Mobile offers the iPhone X for its Postpaid i90 and Postpaid i130 plans, which you are getting 7GB and 10GB of data respectively, and has unlimited quota for music and social media apps, you also get to have dedicated video streaming quota of up to 26 services. The iPhone X also isn’t getting a lot of rebate here, as it would cost RM3,465 and RM4,125 for the 64GB and 256GB model respectively if you sign up for the Postpaid i130 plan. However, U Mobile has the most amount of app, music and video partners, therefore you may want to consider U Mobile’s plan if you do a lot of social media activities and music listening.

Link: U Mobile iPhone X

In a nutshell, here’s what we think of the telcos’ offering on the iPhone X.

Celcom – The all rounder and has the most postpaid plans for the iPhone X with decent subsidized price.

Maxis – If you value coverage and service, you may want to get the iPhone X with Maxis.

Digi – If you care about a lower monthly commitment fee, go for Digi’s iPhone X.

U Mobile – If you use a lot of data for social media, music and video streaming, U Mobile’s postpaid plan isn’t too bad.

What say you? Which telco would you go for the iPhone X? Tell us about it!


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