We do not understand why would Facebook implement two separate Stories features on both Facebook and the Messenger app. Facebook Stories and Messenger Day work similarly to Instagram Stories, which was initially a Snapchat ripoff. Now Facebook has merged both of them, introducing a renamed “Stories”.

According to Tech Crunch, the number of active users for Messenger Day was 70 million, which pales in comparison to Instagram Stories’ 300 million and Snapchat’s 178 million. With the merger, Stories will now appear both on Facebook and Messenger. This means that whatever content you post up on Stories will be marked as seen on Messenger if you have seen it on Facebook.

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In the announcement on the Messenger page, Facebook claimed that previously users would post up a photo or video to either Facebook Stories or Messenger Day, saving it and post it up on the other platform thereafter. Facebook has now made it easier to satisfy the needs of social media junkies.

The merger is part of Facebook’s efforts to boost its number of users for Stories, to match the likes of Snapchat and Instagram. If it works out well, Messenger will definitely see a significant amount from its 1.3 billion active users making use of Stories.

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