Android is adding a new feature that will give you more information on apps that are draining your battery. Now some of you might be confused as, phones like OnePlus, Samsung and some Android skins will indicate to you which app is draining your battery, but with this new update, it will become a feature included with the Android operating system rather than manufacturer enabled feature.

As part of the update, there will be a new section in Android’s battery settings which will indicate apps that are draining your battery with a red warning icon. It even goes as far as to tell you how much battery it is draining and the reason why, you can then choose to kill the app, or change the permissions to prevent accessive¬†battery drain.

Just like Android 8.1, this is still in beta and there is no official announcement on when it will move into the stable stage and be ready to consumers. For now, we can still use the currently available indicate for battery drain or use a third-party app like Greenify to tell us which apps are draining the battery.

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