Back in college, I remembered lugging around my cheap and heavy laptop around as if it were a travelling backpack, ultrabooks were also expensive back then, which easily costs around RM3,500 for one and I swear that I will never have to carry one when I got out of college. The situation now hasn’t changed much, ultrabooks are getting more expensive no thanks to the weakening Malaysian currency, if you are a student looking for an affordable lightweight laptop that you can survive in college, here are five reasons why the Acer Swift 1 is the best candidate.

It weighs merely 1.2kg
Why the Acer Swift 1 is the perfect laptop for work and college 1

Most entry-level 14-inch laptops will weigh around 1.8kg for today’s laptop standards, and if you throw in the power brick, it is going to weigh down your bag. The Acer Swift 1 does away with its extremely light 1.2kg weight, which you will no longer dread carrying that backpack of yours when moving between classrooms and the campus, you also won’t look embarrassing with that sleek and premium design that the Acer Swift 1 has.

Reliability and Speed

Why the Acer Swift 1 is the perfect laptop for work and college 2

Now, we won’t want our laptops dying on us when we are about to do work on it, the Acer Swift 1 is in fact a reliable laptop in our tests, you get a speedy SSD up to 256GB that lets you blaze through app launches and tasks, smoking those laptops with mechanical hard drives, we had no issues opening a couple of browser tabs with that 4GB of RAM as well. If you want to do some casual gaming, the Acer Swift 1’s processing power is sufficient for unlimited rounds of Hearthstone, which we can definitely vouch for that.

Build Quality and Premium Features that Surprises

Why the Acer Swift 1 is the perfect laptop for work and college 3

In most cases, we find sub RM2,000 laptops to have crappy keyboard and trackpads, the Acer Swift 1’s keyboard is on par with the ones you found on more expensive laptops, it provides a great typing experience with its decently spaced keys and has a great feedback, perfect for typing that long thesis. Furthermore, you really don’t want to connect a mouse when space is limited, the Acer Swift 1’s trackpad is the best in class that I’ve ever used with great tracking performance.

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By the way, this is also the only laptop that has a fingerprint sensor with Windows Hello support within the same price range, it definitely helps save time entering your password while having better security. Lastly, you also get extremely fast WiFi 802.11ac for faster data transfers.

Beautiful Full HD IPS display

Why the Acer Swift 1 is the perfect laptop for work and college 4Try looking for a laptop that offers a Full HD IPS panel within the RM2,500 price tag, you won’t find one that is as vibrant with good viewing angles on the Acer Swift 1, it also uses an anti-glare panel that doesn’t reflect like glossy panels, which is useful if you happen to be in an extremely bright environment.

Battery Life that Doesn’t Suck

Why the Acer Swift 1 is the perfect laptop for work and college 5Acer claims that the Swift 1 could last up to 10 hours with a single charge, in our review we find that to be pretty close, as we could easily get up to 8 hours with heavy web browsing and video streaming, which technically lasts a full working day. With the Acer Swift 1, you can finally forget about packing the power adapter, and no longer required to look for power outlets in a cafe. However, do make sure you have it fully charged before you get out of home!

The Acer Swift 1 is a no-brainer if you want a lightweight laptop with good battery life that doesn’t break the bank. Now, who says good ultrabooks need to be expensive? Head on over to Acer’s Lazada Store to place your order of the Acer Swift 1. If you haven’t checked out our review, you can also watch our video above.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Acer Malaysia


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