As you all know, there was a breach in MCMC where millions of users details and phone number have been stolen and are now floating somewhere on the internet. Some of you might be lucky and some not so much, here is a way to check if you are one of the unlucky ones.

Visit SayaKenaHack website and key in your IC number, after pressing check it will tell you if your data has been exposed by telling you your phone number and what telco are you from. Now, this might seem like its illegal but, the owner of the website has mentioned in an FAQ that all these information can be obtained easily by simply doing a thorough Google search for the information. In addition to that, medical personnel’s data has also been leaked but the owner of the website is still debating if that information should be put on the website. He was is concerned that some doctors might not what to be identified as a doctor on the internet.

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Example if your data has been stolen, mine got stolen 🙁

So what can you do? Well, not much as all this information is linked to your IC which is something you can’t change. There is a silver lining, as all these information is accurate up to 2014, so any changes to your phone number or details will not be exposed.