For those of you that own the iPhone X, do you feel like the notch on the top is somewhat distracting you from watching content on the great edge-to-edge screen on the phone? Well, stop pulling out your hair as there is an app called the Notch Remover and the name should help you understand what it does.

It does not exactly remove the notch but rather places a black bar at the top of the phone to help blend the notch, it will also add a black bar to your images in the iOS settings page. Sure it will technically make your screen smaller, but for those of you that are willing to give up a small portion of your screen to blend the notch, this is currently the best option that you can do right now. The app was approved by Apple, ironically, they have mentioned in their app developer guide for the iPhone X that developers should not hide the rounded corners, sensor housing or Home Screen indicator by placing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

You can remove the iPhone X notch via an iOS app 2The app will cost you 0.99 USD but is just a small price to pay if those of you that came to a conclusion that the notch is not something you can deal with.

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