Ookyo is a great digital prepaid service from Maxis that costs RM30/month, while it offers 3GB of base data along with unlimited quota for social and entertainment apps. For a limited time, Maxis is now offering the opportunity to try out the service at RM1 for the first month, though unlike the early birds, you won’t be getting a complimentary RM15 Google Play credit upon sign up, but you will still be able to enjoy a 20% credit back when you make app purchases over at Google Play. Delivery of the SIM pack is free and the cost excludes 6% GST, which eventually costs RM1.06 to sign up for ookyo.

As we’ve reviewed ookyo back then, it is a pretty decent service with reliable data connection and it works as advertised, though we had trouble with the ookyo app at times with intermittent VPN connection issues. Ookyo currently supports Android devices at this point of time, as you are required to install the ookyo app to use the unlimited service packs you signed up, you will still be able to use the service on an iOS device, albeit using the 3GB base data.

Ookyo is extending this offer until December 5th, and at this point of time the service still offers a list of attractive phone numbers, so if you want to get some great VIP numbers and don’t want to pay for premium prices, signing up for ookyo doesn’t seem to be a bad choice right now. Head on over to www.ookyo.com.my for more details.


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