Gone are those days where your rants on Twitter had to be cut short due to its 140 character limit for tweets. Well there’s still a character limit but it has now doubled in length. Twitter has officially rolled out this update to its platform, allowing users to tweet up to 280 characters instead.

The newly introduced 280 character limit comes after extensive research on Twitter’s. According to the social media company, 9 percent of English language tweets hit the 140 character limit previously, which resulted in users abandoning the tweets which were meant to be posted. That figure has drastically been reduced to 1 percent upon the implementation of the new character limit.

Twitter previously tested the 280 character limit before finally rolling it out for good. One thing to note though is that tweeting in Japanese, Korean and Chinese will still be limited to 140 characters as there weren’t issues for those said languages.

This effort definitely contributes to Twitter’s attempts to popularize its platform further among competitors such as Facebook and Instagram. Are you an active user of Twitter?

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