Nvidia has a very interesting design profile when it comes to their Founders Edition graphics cards. So what happens when they make a collector’s edition? With a little change in design, they will be releasing two Star Wars-themed GeForce Titan Xp graphics cards, and what a beauty they are.

The two cards resemble both sides of the force and if you are not familiar with the Star Wars universe, there is a light side and the dark side. The light side is designed to give off a bight and appealing green glow and they did not go easy on the lighting as the centre of the card where is just a black square has now LED lights running down. On the dark side card, it has a sinister red glow. Both the cards have slightly different designs as the light side has a nice appealing design that resembles the Rebels and the dark side has a more of an eerie looming feel to it.

The beauty of these cards is that it will be the same price as the standard Xp cards $1200. The GPUs will be available on November 17 but Nvidia Experience members will be able to pre-order the cards on November 8.

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